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    New month, new visit. Flower not on menu "couple months" more is word of mouth. Website shows menus. Adult use menu updated regularly. Best local shop to Peoria for me. Look forward to seeing flower in the future. Price remains slightly elevated compared to other states, but hope to see it come down, perhaps, in the coming months/years. Lines have improved vastly. Showed up within first half hour after they opened on a Monday and was inside in a short period of time after waiting alongside building outside In a short line.

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    Day 1 Experience. Show up around 5 A.M. Someone says "knock on door for ticket". Wait until after 8 a.m. Tickets in the high 300's, I was double digits and waited long time. Minimum about 5-10-15 minutes for people to decide what to get and how much, flower selection limited, other options available were priced decently however stock quite limited it seems many items were sold out the first day

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