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    I( have a card so the vast majority in my opinion is done.I wanted to get any info on your dispensary before I would change you are in the Arlington Heights location maybe a month ago the guy at the front desk refused to give anything what so ever and got very agitated when asking for info.Then very shocking for the dispensary he stood up which typically is showing that person could be a threat.However when you want around the desk to confront that brings it to another level.Then when Im walking out he is following me and then when Im actually out of the location entirely he is in my face now and now telling me to you are parking in front of our property and get off.I have believed in the neighbor hood you do not have ant rental agreement for the drive through to get to the street I know this for a 100% fact.Also he wanted to discuss even before he was done with the customer in front of me.Matter of fact he had to lean in his chair to the left to look around him.I said I was going to wait for the patient to finish .He dismissed me and wanted me to talk in public with a person that I do not know listening to a private discussion.This is never accepted at any dispensary even hospitals and doctor.There is a little law called the Hippa act protecting customers in cases like this.That is why there is three levels normally of write ups and serious fines.Then closing down.All because a guy checking in is going to paradise your business and bad opinion if the haters found out.They would most like say see this see that.Also you never know in these times especially since dispenrnys deal with all sorts of people with serious conditions and he is also beyond your rep what about patients in the waiting room.

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