Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Decatur

Found in the heart of central Illinois and situated along the Sangamon River and Lake Decatur, Decatur’s historic roots make this the perfect small-town getaway. Besides being touted as Abraham Lincoln’s first home in Illinois, there is so much more to do. Now Decatur is home to a bustling downtown area and several parks and recreation opportunities for visitors to enjoy.  If you love to shop local, head to Merchant Street to browse quaint boutiques and other specialty shops. If the city’s year-round recreational activities are more your speed, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to go fishing, hunting and to do other outdoor activities on Lake Decatur. 

Cannabis laws in Decatur are not quite the same as they are everywhere else in the state of Illinois. While possession of 30 grams of marijuana flower or 5 grams of concentrates are legal for both medical and recreational cannabis users, the city of Decatur has banned any dispensaries from opening within the city. Therefore, those people in Decatur looking for weed should take a quick trip to nearby cities like Springfield or Champaign to buy medical or recreational marijuana legally. Be sure to drive with your weed sealed though, and do not smoke before you drive. Driving while high is very illegal and subject to DUI charges under Illinois law. Similarly, smoking marijuana in public is illegal in Decatur and should only consume privately at home. 

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Frequent questions about marijuana in Decatur, IA

  • Is marijuana legal in Decatur?

    Yes, both medical and recreational marijuana are legal in Decatur! Any adult over the age of 21 can legally have up to 30 grams of marijuana flower or five grams of cannabis concentrates. 


  • Where can I buy marijuana in Decatur?

    Currently, there are no medical or recreational dispensaries located in Decatur. In early 2020, Mayor Julie Wolfe said she would wait to see how cannabis legalization works in the rest of the state before allowing sales in the city. 


  • Is it legal to smoke weed in Decatur?

    Like the rest of Illinois, it is illegal to smoke weed in public in Decatur. It is only legal to smoke in the privacy of your own home. 


  • Is weed delivery available in Decatur?

    Unfortunately, weed delivery has not been legalized in Illinois.


  • Can I order my marijuana online for pick-up in Decatur?

    Since Decatur has no dispensaries in the city, online order pickup is not available.