Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Lansing

The fifth largest city and capital of Michigan is located in the middle of the "mitten" and the surrounding area is regionally known as Mid-Michigan. This buzzing metropolitan area is home to multiple professional schools, museums, and parks. Currently only those holding a medical card, issued by any state recognizing medical marijuana, are allowed to purchase cannabis products. The city government and it's residents have a strained relationship regarding marijuana regulation with a number of lawsuits and ballot measures causing constant changes to the industry.

Frequent questions about marijuana in Lansing, MI

  • Who can purchase marijuana in Lansing, Michigan?
    Only persons holding a medical marijuana card prescribed by a doctor can purchase cannabis products. Lansing dispensaries do recognize medical cards from states other than Michigan.
  • Where can I smoke in Lansing?
    Medical patients should consume cannabis in their private residence or on other private property with permission. Since 2013 Lansing has decriminalized the possession, distribution or use of up to one ounce of marijuana on private property for adults 21+.
  • Can I grow marijuana in Lansing, Michigan?
    Currently medical patients or their licensed caregivers can cultivate cannabis plants in their homes. Anyone using more than 3,500kWh of power must register their home grow with the city.

Lansing Dispensary Reviews

  • Always have been very helpful, and friendly definitely good products. Would definitely recommend to all.

  • Really nice people and always willing to work with you. After trying numerous places in holland and saugatuck, this is the only place I like! This is coming from someone who lived in Colorado for 4 years!

  • So glad you guys are back!

  • Great Buy Online pickup curbside....This will be my Go To Spot! Keep Up the Good Work Guys/Girls!!

  • Always been very smooth and easy. I order from their website online, pull up in my vehicle and they take my ID and payment. They bring my order out to me and I’m on my way. Friendly staff and orders are prepared promptly.

  • Is this a real dispensary

    Robert L. reviewed BHHC
  • Loved it!

  • Best place to shop

  • Green Thumb Medical Pot Dealers are not acting Lawfully in their activities in the Port Huron area. They are engaging in randomly running "Background Checks" on Port Huron Residents; to determine if they will be allowed to be a "Customer" or not. They are not restricting their "Background Checks" to actual "Customers" but are running these "Checks" on every single Resident, before that Resident has even attempted to be a "Customer". They are then Actively Knocking on those Residents Doors, just to "inform" them that they are "Not Allowed" to be a "Customer" based on what they find in those Unlawful & Unauthorized "Background Checks". They are not even verifying the identity of the person who answers the door, but simply accusing whoever answers the door of being the person they are there to Terrorize; even if they're not the Target. However; they are not banning & harassing Resid

  • Can you buy edibles here without a medical card?

  • Prices are way to high.

  • Delivered right to my door, perfect!

  • Looking for better edibles than I’ve been able to find I decided to give this place one more try. I had already prepared myself for a wait. I placed my order by phone, I asked the gentleman I spoke to for the most potent edibles, he suggested 600MG Sour Glowworms, I purchased two packs for a total of almost $90. I have tried several brands of edibles, I usually start with a 10MG piece and go from there. I’m usually good at 50MG. I can honestly say these are the weakest edibles I’ve tried. I think I probably could’ve consumed the entire 600MG pack over a few hours and still don’t think I would’ve felt them. I started thinking that maybe I got a pack of regular gummy worms that contained no THC at all. I understand AF didn’t “make” the edibles but they sell them, which makes them just as culpable. Don’t sell something if the quality and potency is not as claimed. A waste of 90 bucks. I gave this place “another” chan

  • have been doing business with this company for months and out of the blue they have no delivery staff or remember my business. Very disappointing.

  • A2Geneticsteam: Randall.G Sorry for the late response. We've been closed since May due the Covid19 and changing garden/office space. We plan to reopen around Oct 1st. Calling/Texting in and having the menu text to you is the easiest way to find out what is available.

  • A2Geneticsteam: to horsegirl we've been closed since May due to Covid19. Our office and garden space were sold by our landlord and the new owners weren't comfortable with the use. We found a great new space and plan to be back open around Oct 1st. Sorry we missed you. We hope you found something great for your garden and thank you for your many years of membership with us!

  • I ordered from here I believe 3 times. The first two times delivery was very slow, I’m talking over 3 hours the first time. The second time was faster but still took quite awhile. The third, and last, time I placed an order I canceled it after an hour of not hearing back from them. I then went online and discovered a dispensary five miles away where I could go in and get what I wanted. I later learned that the same dispensary has another location 10 minutes from my house. I’m new to the medical marijuana scene, I assumed delivery was my only option. For someone not mobile this is a great option but no more delivery for me.

  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff, quality product. This place is great. I have never had an issue with quality or service. Highly recommend!


  • <== PHONE RECORDING LINK USING PANDEMIC TO PREVENT YOU FROM SMELLING BAD WEED! Proof in the youtube video they are using the pandemic to prevent you from smelling weed you'd never buy. Bait & switch shop you have to sample it 1g at a time, waste money on stuff you dont want. Then after spending money on researching what you like after a month they change it out with no notice!

  • Excellent quality products, employees who are friendly, polite, and knowledgeable, amazing prices, and a great selection. Since finding them by mistake they have become my go-to supplier.

  • Avoid this hole and it’s trash mouth employees!!

  • i love this company but for some reason i can no longer use this service. this issue has been persistent for days and i still have not been able to get my product :(((((

  • (MEDICAL) Had a horrible reaction to one of their concentrates, had to use a nebulizer and could not stop vomiting. Called in to explain that I had spent my budget for this week on meds I thought would last me the week. We have been loyally shopping here for quite a while and have easily dropped several grand at this location. The manager at first seemed concerned but once she conferred with another manager I was told "buy something else" I have managed dispensaries in Michigan, and have been working in the cannabis industry for close to a decade from California to Michigan. This level of unprofessionalism and wretched customer service is appalling. "Its state tested" If a MEDICAL patient called me, offering to return a product, stating a negative reaction that required pharmaceuticals to correct, at the very least I'd give them a discount on a replacement product regardless of if I could take the product back or not. I am a cancer survivor. I use this medication to

  • This place is honestly the best dispo around. The prices are cheap, and they take care of me :). I would not recommend anybody to go to a dispo if it is not Holistic.

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