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Good afternoon Mr. Jay Deez I’m a newbie patient residing in the Harbor County (Saugatuck) looking for some guidance with my selection of 12 plants. I have se


Jay Deezs Herbs Lansing,Mi 48906 E-mail:[email protected] Web address jaydeezsherbs.com Industry:Healthcare Univ./degree:Horticulture,Oakland University affiliate,M.P.P.,M.M.M.C.C.,M.M.M.A. Current organization:Jay Deezs...


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    I honestly don't know what people are talking about I got a they meet all the specifications and stuff last time I was there the place was a mess I think by all means that that she does not qualify to be a dispensary out of your out of your house and the way he do you know the stuff you sold me was pure dirt

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    J D
    is the
    grower of the sought after heirloom plant called W.W.911.
    This is a clone only plant originally started in the 70's. W.W. 911 is considered to have the highest THC levels of any marijuana plant. Jay Deezs Herbs is a completely organic grower and uses a proprietary growing process to achieve the highest quality medication grade marijuana.

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