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    This spot has 30 variations of what seams to be- sour d, skywalker, and some form of haze .. Crossed and crossed again,Poorly grown, not flushed at end of cycle, seeds and clearly not tested. all the same just grown a little different so they can look as if they have 20 or 30 strains .. But to the eye and nose of this grower,, it's just a sad trick not even close to what real medical marijuna should be ..and the Bo-Go deals ? Weed at 17 a gram is only worth maybe $5 a gram so you pay premium for weed that wouldn't be and couldn't be sold on the street corner at Rampart and 6th. How is this place even open ? Not to mention or even go into the 20 something staff with little to no knowledge of real medical marijuana, attitudes like your doing them and favor by even considering their dirt weed as loud rap music blasts foul language as If they were running a trap-house in Downey. Amazing, dangerous weed ( not meds) just garbage. Save your time and money and health, having gone there 6 or more times I wanted to like this place but it's a shame they are so confused playing themselves and others that really need medical marijuana not tumble weeds crossed and grown crossed and grown crossed and grown then given a stupid name that means nothing.

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    I liked this dispensary.
    I don't like high prices, but I enjoyed the variety.

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