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    This club would have a better rating had it not been for my latest and very last experience with them.

    Long story short. They raised the prices on larger quantities of medicine, which is fine, but when inquired, I was told it had always been like that when in fact it hadn't. I was then dismissed as the bud tender said she didn't have time argue and what could she help me with. This did not work for me, so I left. When leaving I also asked the owner/manager the same question with he same dismissive and patronizing outcome.

    The point. I had been a loyal member of this club for nearly three years, buying the same medicine in question 1-2 times a week at a much lower price for the larger quantity. Instead of multiple people lying to me as though I was one of their "first timers" or "only timers", they should have been more transparent and just said prices had to be raised.

    With that said, I think its extremely important as consumers to make sure you speak out more often, and business owners should be more aware of who and what truly keeps their business alive. Loyal customers.

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    Bad parking, poorly lit, negative atmosphere. Skip this shop.

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