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  • 21+ Only
  • On-Site ATM
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  • On-Site Smoking

First Time Patients

Donate $20 or more and receive a FREE Gram. (Pom pom-lighter-grinder-edible or blunt spliter)


WE ARE LOCATED: HAPPY HOUR DISCOUNTS... ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!! 1882 S Western Ave. Los Angeles CA, 90006 Corner of WASHINGTON & WESTERN (by 7-ELEVEN) OUR MENU: TOP SHELF-4G 1/8TH FROM $45-75 ($15-$25/GRAM) MID GRADE-5G 1/8TH...


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    They forgot my grams , when i got home and check my bagg one of my grams was not put in there. Krazy Shit. Mad as Fuk

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    Avoid this shop at all cost... over priced and bud tender chick with nose rings pocketed my cash then told armed guard I tried to rip her off. I'm terminally ill and need medicine to avoid seizures.

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    I would describe my experiw here good love the vendor's and the weed is always good. Ana Alvarado

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