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One Of SANTA CRUZ COUNTY's Most Compassionate Collectives!! AT THE SUMMIT OF HIGHWAY 17!!! We Are Here To Help You With The Most Affordable High Quality Meds. LOOK FOR THE TOTEM POLES AT THE SUMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st Time Patients...


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    Great location. Simple atmosphere. Really good medicine. Nice customer service.

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    Thoroughly Disappointed
    Stopped in this place because the sign read $125/ounce, and who can pass that up? They had a great selection of bud and the bud tender directed me to what I was looking for. It wasnt until later when I pulled out a nug and it had 2 very noticeable bugs and webs/nests. I was very disappointed, mostly because I when I receive the medicine I expect that it has been closely inspected. I called to talk to someone to let them know I was disappointed and when I told the manager what I found he simply laughed at me. He told me it would be too tedious to look over all medicine before distributing, but I would argue that that is his job. There was a major lack of respect on their end and I will make sure that I nor anyone I know will ever return.

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    Who would have known?
    First time in. Beautiful and very discreet location, great medicine, friendly and knowledgeable bud tender. This place is spectacular! This will now be my one stop shop.

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