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    Before I begin, I'd like to say that the three comments below this one are fake. Funny how you can find these exact three reviews in the exact same order with the exact same words on many review sites. I'm pretty sure that's JaneMaine creating fake reviews.

    I have a lot of experience with these people, unfortunately.

    First of all, their buds are mediocre, at best, and very overpriced. $20/gram for really mediocre buds. I wouldn't even consider their buds medicine. I can get much better quality and prices either on the black market or at a good dispensary like MaineWellness.

    Not only does JaneMaine ridiculously gouge their prices, but they misrepresent their products. They claim to sell shatter. They don't. They sell soupy black BHO for $75/gram. You can get the best shatter on the planet for $35/gram in Massachusetts or Maine. Three words: DON'T GO THERE. Don't inquire, don't do business with them. They will, essentially, rape you monetarily. Why would I pay $475/oz for low quality buds when I can get mind blowing buds for $275/oz at MaineWellness?

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