North Berwick Weed Delivery Reviews

  • They are wonderful and deeply care about customer service.

  • My top choice! Excellent service, prices are great and delivery was excellent. I definitely will make the call again and again! Thank you

  • The bud was really bad. Has a nasty taste, hideous bag appeal and bud aesthetics due to poor curing and trimming. The guys who run the place seem nice though. They really need to grow or buy some better stuff to sell. This was utterly disappointing and a waste of a lot of money.

  • You can stop searching. Absolutely outstanding medicine and advice, with delivery!!

  • Excellent , couldn't have been treated better , great experience

  • Worst place to buy medical marijuana from. Dont waste your time! Was great at first but over time slowed down. Even canna Docs told me to try new england Reserve and not these guys.

  • Amazing staff! Knowledgeable and sweet staff, this shop is a welcoming need to our area!

  • This store is awesome been working with them for about 2years now

  • I've been here many many times. 1 thing I can say is the quality of the products are always on point n top notch. Their prices reflect that quality. But you get what you pay for. Some of the best meds I've had to date have been from Sinsemilla. Great menu. And customer service is ok. Not always the best. But we all have our days. I give this place high rating simply because if you want high quality meds. This is 1 of only a cpl in this area that you'll never be disappointed with. Unlike larger named places that sell low quality products that are old outdoor grown outta state junk. Th st should not even be sold as medical. As it is NOT medical quality. Everything you get from Sinsemilla will be medical grade. And safe. And they are close N local. And I will continue to get top shelf quality from them.

  • All I can say is excellent customer service flower and knowledge dave strives on customer service if they don't have what I want he will get or make it asap if your not us5them you should be di,zzydes69

  • Very nice and well trained staff k that know what they are talking about and how to best help you and thank you ONE MILL

    1 Mill
    Alfred R. reviewed 1 Mill
  • i dont get the lousy reviews?? not once have i gotten rude treatment.. cheapest prices on smoke around during happy hour. cheapest prices on shatter around..

  • Excellent

  • Excellent customer service bud excellent northern lights right on skunk is awesome gg4 put you o. The couch dependable Dave and company seem to know what they are doing my meego guy can't say any more recomo mend calling him five star plus

  • They are always friendly courteous and helpful. They know how to run a great shop and aren’t afraid to help at any time with and needs and your wants . 5+ Stars

    Puffin Co
  • The best Dispensary around!

  • They know what they’re doing and they’re very helpful. Most professional place I’ve been to since getting my medical marijuana card. Love these people!

  • Absolutely 110% BEST Experience in Maine HANDS DOWN! HIGHLY recommended to EVERYONE!! The products are unbelievably outstanding, the people are amazing, and wonderful all around experience! Great job Zero Grav!

  • I will never go to the Odlin road again the salesperson was rude when I wouldn't engage in an argument he kept repeating himself young and obviously has a lot to learn about business as I have worked many years. With so many to choose from you would think they would express the need for customer service

  • Do you need medical card??

  • Great service!

  • This place is awesome. Go meet Johnny, he is the shit. Always treats the customer right. And I mean RIGHT. A little bit about the bud. there's a little demo room to the left when you walk in that you get to see how he grows. and everything is in jars where you can see it. great deal weed, it's good stuff, and a really cool selection. Also they sell cartridges for vaping, Co2 extracted, and its good stuff. He gave me a deal on it and i liked the product. only thing was the $10 battery got weird after a month or so. You get quality small business feels in this place, its a little pit stop on route one. Johnny is great, his wife who runs the business with him is great, and the other customers ive met there are great too. Go check it out.

  • great little shop. very cool on the inside. nice selection. their top shelf bud is amazing. 5 dollar grams and the lower shelf stuff is still awesome and well priced. Also, i got my med card there because they organized to have a nurse-type person there to see people and issue them cards, on site. it was $60 for that i think but im not sure. Anyway, nice shop, good vibes, i think they have some kind of thing for veterans but im not a veteran so im only about 80% sure on that. Go check it out. 5 stars on the location because i drive 17 ALOT and it's super nice to be able to pick up a pre-roll of their top shelf stuff on my way to augusta.

  • This place is awesome in multiple ways including GREAT price and GOOD quality. The other reviewer here Matt J. has a stick up his butt for some reason, idk why. Last I checked it's 25 a slice for bud, awesome bud, and a good selection too. i give the location 5 because it's discreet. the staff is great and knowledgable about their product. you can smoke their GSC every day it's an awesome version. They are also vertically integrated which bodes well for the quality control of the product. and it is quality medical. Don't listen to Matt J. I live in Camden and come here all the time. I go to Sweet relief and scrimshaw also, but i go to this shop more because the hours work for me and there's a really intimate feel to the back room. you get one on one attention, they give mad respect to the customer relationship. Very professional and I haven't encountered lower prices anywhere. and they had an EXCELLENT first time customer discount last time i checked. Go. You'll see.

  • Great group. Knowledgeable caregivers and budtenders. Stop i for all your cbd or medical marijuana needs.

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