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    Bad very bad
    Terrible experience overall. Bud is over priced and not good quality. If you try to request a strain the owner gets angry and tells you to go somewhere else if you don't like it. I have gotten seeds in my pot 10% of the time, twice it was loaded with seeds and should not have been sold at all; but they charged me full price for it. She is nuts and says her's is the best around and tells me the other sources stink compared to her. Does she think we have just now started smoking pot??? I have never seen this quality pot at this price EVER. My last bag was a joke, it is basically fresh commercial. It smells like hay and does not get the job done. I have to go buy another 100.00 quarter to replace this trash. In the past I have been able to take home the uncured bud they sell me and cure it to make it taste better; not this garbage though.

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    Disappointing Quality
    Not sure how to describe the flowers here - poorly cured, unappealing (tan/brown), no scent, and an unpleasant taste. Would not call acceptable medicine, at any price (much less $10 -15/g).

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