Marijuana Information

Are there different kinds of Marijuana? 

  • There are hundreds of different strains of Marijuana that contain different THC and CBD percentage depending on the strain, growing mechanics, and nutrients the plant received. These strain’s may contain genetics that have existed for many years or Hybrid strains that have been manipulated to form a new strain by combining the genetics from two previous existing strains. 

Why do people smoke marijuana?

  • People smoke marijuana for a variety of reasons. Marijuana is commonly smoked by people who are using it for its healing and pain relief properties. These people usually suffer from a terminal or life altering illness to which marijuana is the only relief they can find. In addition to using marijuana for medical purposes a large number of people smoke marijuana simply as a recreational activity that relieves stress, anxiety, and other minor; yet daily debilitating pains and symptoms. 

Is marijuana a gateway drug?

  • Anything is a gateway to anything, if you let it get to that point. Cheeseburgers are a gateway to diabetes and driving is a gateway to speeding and wrecks. The use of marijuana has never been directly correlated with being a gateway drug. Marijuana has gotten a reputation for being a gateway drug do to hard drug users (heroin, meth, crack, etc) using marijuana as a starting point when they were younger. While not all marijuana smokers go on to use harder drugs, most hard drug users have smoked marijuana; thus the ‘gateway drug’ stereotype Marijuana has been stuck with.

How long does marijuana stay in your system?

  • Depending on your body type and marijuana consumption marijuana will stay in your system for different amount of time. For light to moderate smokers, marijuana can stay in your system from only one day up to a week. For heavy marijuana smokers, THC can stay in your system for up to a month or longer.