Delivery Reviews in Andover, MA

  • Awesome place. Get the sour zkittle cartridge!

  • Excellent company! Friendly, fast and knowledgeable. Best in the area!

  • Terrible employees and service. Dishonest product descriptions. Absolutely unacceptable Ordered 2 “90%” thc carts ($60/pc) and a 500mg edibles ($50/pc). The carts taste diluted and I’m certain that these are not even close to 90% let alone 80 or 70%. The fluid inside is not even equal. One cart was filled and the other had a massive bubble which makes me think they refilled the carts themselves with cheaper alternatives. They gave me cheaper edibles than what I ordered and didn’t even bother replacing it. I ordered a $50 500mg edible and they sent me 150mg edibles. I called to tell them about the situation and that I was going to nyc the next night. The clerk told me that he would get back to me in a few minutes. He never got back nor returned any of my subsequent messages and calls. In fact, he actively refused to answer any calls I made using my landline, So I called using a different known and guess what? he answered in the first 5 seconds and tol

  • The service was great. First time ever ordering this way and will do so from now on. Answered questions on the phone and updated me through the whole process and delivery was just shy of 1 hour from order time. Driver was super friendly and informative. Product was better than described.

  • I called them and a lady told me to text my ID to her and then she'll send me an updated menu to proceed with the order. She never texted back!

  • Consistently great products and prices. Been a customer for 5 months. Never been let down.

  • My experience has bean very good. Good product and service and also very promt. Thank u!

  • Extremely well run service have been using them 4 years or so.

  • Unlike other “services” on this app these guys deliver on time and the med quality is second to none. Extremely friendly/knowledgeable service the only place I trust

  • Aint roll one yet but got a Free edible (300mg) of the strength for my First Time order. Def official!

  • Half an hour turned into 3.5 late canceled appointment they couldn’t seem to have cared less

  • Great buisness, called and got a menu texted right to me i placed my order and within 5 minutes a driver texted to confirm address and was here in about 1 hr with good nugs for a good price. Also got some pretty good shatter. All around a good experience

  • Def a great service. I ended up scoring an extra 7grams for 30 bux. Cant beat that. Packages come sealed and oroduct was fresh.

  • Great service

  • Absolute scammers. Delivered the wrong product and failed to return.

  • On-Time, On-Point & High Quality. Definitely satisfied

  • Quality products delivered in a timely manner

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