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Delivery Reviews in Avon, MA

  • I was beyond excited for the whole experience. Bing bam boom it was so kool. My house is a little bit of a journey of you drive. He was determined and now I can start thinking about what I want to eat!!!!! Whoop

    Best Buds
  • Had 2 terrible experiences with these delivery services was ready to give up but you guys were awesome!! Highly recommend. Wow!

  • When will you be open?

  • Have to say got ripped off. I ordered the more expensive flower and got the same stuff I get off the street for less than half what I spent. Not sure if I was giving the wrong stuff. If that's the case I'll take an exchange for the flower I ordered.

  • Do not use this service. Took just shy of 12 hours to arrive after many claims it would be here sooner. When it did eventually arrive we got a half full 'blunt' and a qt of shake for 200$ awful experience.

  • great service, nothing to add

  • The entire experience is a perfect hybrid of convenience and quality. It’s the only service I trust and use.

  • Total ripoff $90 for an eighth of flower after taxes. And the flower isn’t even any good. Very loose ,badly trimmed and very weak potency.wirst dispensary I’ve ever been too yet.

  • Fantastic! I only wish that they would rotate strains more often. The Bellini was excellent and I also enjoyed the Sour. From order to delivery everyone was great and very helpful. Definitely worth coming back.

    Ganja Gala
    Jools reviewed Ganja Gala
  • I am from Washington DC, visiting MA for work. Decided to visit this dispensary to see what it was like. Went on a Friday evening at about 730. I waited roughly 45 minutes from the time I got mine till the time I was talking to a bud tender. People were friendly, the inside of the store is roughly like an Apple Store. All white and minimalistic in this design. BT answered my questions and was honest when he stated he did not have any stavias. He suggested a nice hybrid and I went with that. I didn’t like that I can not see the scale while he weighed the product. But the product was good, solid bud. Until they start putting their menu on whereweed.com, I suggest you use the website and pre-order. It will save you 30-90 Minutes. Will use again if I’m never in MA for work.

  • To be forced to park across town and shuttle over when lines are non-existent and the parking lot is empty is outrageous. I'm an out-of-state medical patient with credentials. I understand you don't take my creds, but come on. A bit of compassion, please?

  • Great dispensary. Quality medicine and even better staff looking to make your experience a great one.

  • They are on time very knowledgeable and reasonably price. !! They are the “best”

    Ganja Gala
  • Ordered aroubd 730/8 was told delivery would be between 9 and 10, 10 came n went n they said 11 then 1130 then 12 n then they had to cancel? Terrible service and communication.. Last time all was a long wait but it came this time was just a nightmare

    Jeff46589 reviewed
  • 1 order placed highly disappointed. The shatter is not shatter it is very thick oil. Ruins vape coils and 1/2 g per container and I had ordered 3 grams..so I got ripped off too. There are much better online delivery services than this.

  • Like you would expect it to be. First time in a dispensary. For my first time I feel like it was a lot unlike bad experiences I’ve read up on at other stores. The selection was minamal didn’t have any edibles that I saw. The price is probably the same as the most expensive 1/8 I’ve bought quality was alright I went with a higher thc content and wasn’t much different in quality then weed you would find on the street. Overall nice place. Hope the industry ends up being less business oriented and more about the people and vibes it gives out.

  • These guys are nothing short of awesome! Their deliveries are always on time, everytime; there customer service is superb, and their flower smells and taste awesome. I have already made 2 orders over the weekend and am waiting on my third as I type this. They are now my primary plug. Thumbs up.

  • They have the worst quality herb. It is mostly leaves, and what little flower that is included is not potent. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. Unless you like subpar herb. I spent $60 on something that had a street value of 10 bucks. DO NOT BUY FROM GARDEN REMEDIES. You have been warned.

  • My experience here was top notch and even though they did not have the exact product I requested they gave me their personal recommendation as well. They were great! Communicatewd well and even though they did

  • Great delivery service fast honest good product

  • Great product, delivers in timely manner, and super friendly. No complaints. Also, the free glass jars it comes in is a nice added touch.

  • 1st time trying a delivery service (instead of “my guy”) I put in an order at another place and waited 3 hours with no response. Felt pretty bummed. Then, I found Boston’s Caregivers and decided to give it 1 more shot. They were awesome! Speedy service and speedy delivery, very competitive prices, no crazy fees! I would def recommend them, they’re legit.

    KMRUSS reviewed
  • oh now you reply to me, I bought from a dr puff and stuff that sold me the moldy weed, you've got painted finger nails and greasy gray hair with a little dog. Never buy from you again.

  • Great selection. Multiple products and strains.

  • Awesome place great meds and great service. Big AL N.Y.

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