Delivery Reviews in Blackstone, MA

  • Do you have to have med card

  • It was great not having to leave my house. Also had a much bigger menu than my local dispensary.

  • Great Drivers and Reliable, Absolutely luv the Service and Most Important, Great Flower.. I highly recommend

  • Called a good time after ordering to check payment options, and was told my order hadn't been seen yet. I went to get cash and waited another two or so hours to get a call telling me they would not deliver to me unless I ordered $125 worth of product. I'd appreciate minimums and payment info be provided prior to ordering. This might be a good option for rich recreational users, but not for disabled medical patients in need.

  • Decent prices, fast delivery, you get what you pay for.

  • Ordered and got mine within 2 hours. Good stuff, good prices, and very convenient.

  • These guys are great. I'm particular about the effects I want and they always steer me in the right direction. Easy payment and fast delivery! A+

  • i had a wonderful experience with bpp. very professional service and friendly and helpful driver! it was a dream come true to order from them.

  • Favorite dispensary, hands down. Employees know their stuff, products are A++

  • Very happy😊

  • Excellent service

  • Not good at all. Was promised delivery and no one ever showed up! Driver lies and says he called me to cancel delivery. I recieved no phone call or text message. Had to call the main number three times and was assured it was on the way. Waited over 1.5 hours with no communication whatsoever. No communication and the drivers apparantly blatantly lie. Said it was too far to deliver, I understand this, but I was paying 45$ extra for delivery and they had agreed to deliver it to this location originally as well as in subsequent communications (which I had to initiate because no one cares to call or give any updates on my order at all) . Very frustrated with this service.

  • Rick is the nicest guy, he was sick for a little while so it took a little longer to get the product but he kept in contact and gave me updates about his progress. When he did drop off the product he was very friendly and knowledgeable also kept apologizing for taking so long. The product is great, the prices for the product is even better. I’ll only use Rick from here on out.

  • This dude is the real deal. Amazing quality. I highly recommend. Extremely friendly. Definitely give him a try.

  • First time customer yesterday, excellent recommendation, excellent product, super nice guy. 100% satisfied, definitely will be back.

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