Essex Weed Delivery Reviews

  • We were running low on edibles and used Happy Valley as an excuse to take a beautiful drive up the coast. Their facility is gorgeous and the selection - while limited - offered exactly the type of gummies and chocolate we were looking for. Their gummies were not the typical sticky cubes you find in lots of MA dispensaries, they were well-made and tasted GREAT, as did the dark chocolate.

    Happy Valley
  • Awsome product and serviceee

  • i agree with y'all. i recommend angelalynch2012(add on s.n.a.p.c.ha.t) for best deals on top quality meds.. he has it all

  • Bad. They close earlier than the hours listed.

  • Knowledgeable staff were very friendly. Only dispensary around with little to no wait. Can't tell you how many times I've just walked in bought weed and walked out. They are open 7 days a week (also its about 56$ for an eighth and 18$ for prerolled) and I heard they just got vape pens back. I will definitely be back. might become my only plug just for the convenience.

  • When I try to look up products, prices etc I get is almost like this place isn't open at menu..etc... forget it.

  • Nicest people plus their educated and very helpful. I highly recommend it

  • No weed here - this is a doctor's office.

  • Nice people smart helpful

  • Thumb up

  • Good listeners

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