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  • Billy Loves this place great family owned love deals these folks really care about their patient's

  • The budtenders are very friendly and they also have great discounts

  • Excellent

  • First I want to start off by recognizing Kevin and Marco for their AMAZING customer service! They were very informative, helpful, and very patient as I asked a bunch of questions (lol). They have an incredible deal for new patients where if you spend $20 you get $15 taken off your order, so therefore that means you can go in and spend $20 and only end up paying $5!! That’s the BEST deal I’ve seen yet! Great selections on flower and very reasonable pricing, some prices on flower are as low as $8 a gram! You can’t beat that price! Best prices in town & quite possibly the best prices in the state of Michigan. The wax is also an amazing price as low as $25 a gram. Edibles are also amazing prices as low as $7. If you want great prices, great product & a great experience then come here as it’s the best dispensary in Michigan, in my opinion! Thank you Kevin and Marco!!

  • Absolutely terrible customer service, they don’t honor what you win. Talk to you like your stupid

  • Great staff great products

  • I've had nothing but great experiences with Releaf Delivery. Great job guys, keep up the great work.

  • Im not one to get on forums and hate but this place is a joke, they let some dude cut me in line because they knew him and took care of him first. then on top of that, its completely Over priced for mediocre medicine. Some of the $35 dollar wax was green and I had to spend $58 just to get something that looked half way worth what it costs and it was only because the chick was super helpful but I hope this med shop burns to the ground with no one in it. Go to "The Station", it's like 9mins closer and WAY BETTER product, and way better people.

  • The Daughter-Dad Duo here at GLD are most loved in Mt Morris. Very knowledgeable on their products and how your medication will work for you. From the SuperDank View perspective they are the best and most heavily loved in Michigan. Don't forget to get set up for their textblasts! Unlike any other dispensary; GLD cares for their patients and strive to help them the best ways they can. They always put their patients before themselves. If you have $5 or $600 you are treated with the same quality service you would expect to give yourself. This family owned dispensary will treat you like their own family. Sometimes even better than our own personal families 😹 Amazing Positive Experience! There is great amount of love for GLD and I pray it never changes. You can view reviews we do for you, the patients, on GLD products on Instagram @JKTSuperDankReview Stay Happy, Stay Hungry, Stay Medicated Stay SuperDank! πŸ˜ΈβœŒπŸ‘

  • Do u have much does it cost for medical card

  • Great place!!! I have become a fan of Northern Roots, and found my new home lol. Best deals I've found in a long time. The staff is outstanding!!! The products and variety is superior!!! Stop in, & ask for Zak (very knowledgeable), great guy! or Ashley very smart and friendly. Thanks for everything, everyone. I'll be back again, & again.

  • Looking for job opportunities as horticulturist in cannibus industry.

  • Staff friendly helpful. Nice store!

  • Good. Excellent donuts and Bean Coffee

  • I have been there twice and got atleast 8 oz and some dabs the dabs were in wax paper all smashed and stuck together so that sucked but the flower its self I bought variety of prices all was all like hard brick weed smashed together.. huge stems n mostly fan leaf and larf stuck to side of stem and what tiny buds were in there was JAM PACKED WITH SEEDS each bud had like 4 in it so atleast 1/4 of what u get is seeds and thick gnarly stems.. one of the more expensive ones was a little better but still hard tiny buds n stems with harsh chemical taste.. Asked them for a fruity cartridge and said I didn't care how much it cost I just didn't want it to taste like dish soap like the platinum vape ones and the best flavor they could do is forbidden fruit that tasted like Cologne and dish soap Mixed.. apparently that was the best they had to offer.. my patients were furious abiut all of it and i barely got anything back out of what i paid.. no decent buds in anything.. i dont mind outdoor but th

  • My favorite dispo an Top shelf deals an meds. Dont miss out Love edibles, carts an super funk dabs.Thanks! Fam ❀.

  • Xembongdahd

  • Absolutely love this place. The staff are extremely educated and very helpful. The layout is superior!! Any questions you have will be answered honestly and and up to date products. My only issue, which is my personal preference, the product is prepackaged. I do not care for that type of business

  • The staff is always nice and friendly The establishment is always clean

  • I spoke with Jay and he was extremely Informative and knowledgeable, I like that he was patient and easy going and he took his time explaining himself when answering my Questions, he made me feel very comfortable and I really appreciate that. Thank you Jay! Larry and Terry

  • Pretty good. Selection of shatter sativa is NONE . Hybrids have to do. Sometimes " glass" is sugared

  • Fantastic loved it

  • I was sold junk!!!! Supposed to be premium medical marijuana from them for a premium price and it doesnt even do anything to ease the mind let alone the pain. I was sold 4 jars of shake (privilege brand) which they claimed would be all buds. Lies!!! Took for ever to get delivered atleast 3 hours. Then had me go out to street to pick up out of a car in middle of the road... fishy!!! And then I try to get back ahold of them and they ignore my text and calls. Then I finally get in touch with them to try to make it right. And they blow me off and dont even fix the problem.. so now I've given them 6 days to fix it but instead they have just ripped me off 160$. I will never get anything from them again and hope no one else does either.

  • Not much selection, but the budtenders could not be more friendly. Always helpful...

  • Quick process. Staff is awesome, well-informed. Doctor knew exactly what to ask. Definitely recommend!

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