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    TOP QUALITY Marijuana, Text: (7 seven 0) 85 four-two 6 eight 8

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    They have deliver

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    Let's start as to why the low rating first of the flower quality for me at best it was mediocre and that is being kind, the location granted McMahon and unser is a tad far but a nice drive when people know how to drive so good luck on that, the bud tenders idk maybe she was having a bad day or had a few rude customers before me but for me being the first time being there and what type of herb to try and talk about a swing and a miss. But on her behalf the dispensary was also running low which did not give me much to pick from so can you blame a budtender for not having flour or the owner for not providing the patron a better selection... just saying... also the price was a tad steep but once again that goes of the owner not the employees mood of the day but remember if the employees do read this you work at a effin dispensary enjoy it man if not ht me up and I will have fun😉😂

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    Professional staff, quality product and fair prices