Delivery Reviews in Peralta, NM

  • best place to buy weed. minerva gives you 1.25 grams when you buy a gram (i weighed it) naturalrx gives you 0.75 grams when you buy a gram. and natural rx doesnt give me my 15% off veteran discount on prerolls, which are light in weight, and the thc content isnt as advertised. tldr- minerva good, natural rx bad.

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  • I love it, just wish it was a little closer than it is & y'all need to keep updating what you have in stock on line.

  • I wanted to share an experience I recently had with Medzen/R.Greenleaf. I've worked with a few different medical cannabis businesses however this one has left a sour taste in my mouth. The cannabis business is the minority we should be bringing each other up standing together to change the state laws so we can see it not only be legalized here but also flourish. It's sad that I have heard employees bashing others for having businesses outside of the state when this company has done the same. Not only do they bash other dispensaries but in my opinion they have very little respect for each other as well. When upper management calls their retail staff the grunts it shows how little respect they have for each other, it's sad. I had an interview to move into a very similar position as I have previously worked where I was told I was qualified but what would determine wether or not I would get the position is if i was liked, I needed to become friends with the lead because she's very territ

  • I don't know about the price location or quality or price seeing how we're next to a legal state but I've been here a few times and every time different strains of flowers and just blah, and then I went to the different location who knows it might be me the days the weather but same thing. As for the low review once again awful strains at two different locations that's not coincidence that's just bad harvesting. The prices are are high as the moon,I understand that people put a lot of effort and hard work but 42$ for 1/8 come on verses, high desert can top that price and quality any time of the week with no unstable side effects😉 On empty stomachs if you catch my drifts and yeah they refunded me but they wanted to give me store credit... after my experience come on man... and as for customer service and knowledge it's weed let's face the facts people don't know much but assume they do and worst of all people trust those who assume the knowledge but that's my op

  • 'ive recently been to minerva i've asked to talk to the owners who apparently don't give a crap to make their customers happy. i bought some medicine from them and it gave me the worst headache ever. they flat out told me that the state doesnt allow returns but that's bs cause hdr does and so do other dispensaries. it was just a way to get me to not call back. what losers. then u ask to talk to the owners and yet still nothing

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