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    This is by far, THE WORST, dispensary I have been to and I have been to many and would give minus 10 stars if I could!!! For starters, the product I ordered wasn't even available when I got there. Not a big deal as that can happen, however when the person working stated not only did they not see my order to have been able to call and tell me they were out (I came from across town so that was about a 20-30ish minute drive one way) but that the reason they didn't see it was because she had JUST got there and it was already after 5pm at this point. Over half of their product isn't labeled with a price and the representative had to make, at minimum, 3 different calls to get prices of what LITTLE product they had. It also rubbed me the wrong way how I came for a certain strain yet the representative, without even asking me, asks the person on the phone if she should just sell me the strain they had since they were out of what I wanted. Uhmmmm...really??? So if they had been open to have seen my order, what they have shown is that they will replace what is ordered with whatever they have without even consulting the customer!!! They said the products listed on Leafy weren't up to date and to use Weedmaps.com. When I told her that Weedmaps.com was showing more strains than they had, the representative stated and I quote, "It might be a different Weedmaps.com since they have several..." ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿคฅ Sooo, there is only one Weedmaps.com app FYI. Since I had already driven all that way, I chose to purchase a pre-roll (which wound up being the strain I wanted to begin with) and a package of Bootleg concentrate thinking you can't go wrong with these items, right? WRONG!!! I am just now opening the concentrate (not a week from when I bought it btw) and it looks like absolute GARBAGE!!! You shouldn't have to scrape shatter/badder from the parchment paper like this as it's texture is like clumpy syrup. I called and asked for their refund policy and they don't have one. Not even a store credit to try and fix the garbage they sell. If you are like me and fell for the 25% new patient discount and want to try something new, drive riiiight on past this place as nothing worth the purchase will allow you to use the discount and what they do have as OTD isn't worth the trouble of even stopping by for a simple pre-roll. Kush House and Mango Cannabis are my 2 FAVORITES!!! They have incredibly potent strains no one else has (mainly Kush House ๐Ÿ’š), great prices, they provide the proper customer service that is needed and if you aren't happy with your purchase they will fix it asap!!! Do NOT spend your hard earned money at this place. It's obvious the owners just plopped out a pop up dispensary and sincerely don't care about the quality of product it sells. If I can find a way to post pictures, I will post a picture of this nonsense they sold me!