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    Well for as they say on this page?? no its not legal.Short review is over priced for quality you receive,and there is no quality assurance,not even for impurities in the medicines.I recommend you do your research check out facebook and all reviews.If you go at right time they have variety,that being said there have also been times when they are out of stock as shipments were seized.(legal?).If you find something you like don't expect it to be available the next time you visit.It changes all the time,I presume they buy whatever they can and not from large growers.If you decide to buy do not expect and more then you would from a buy off the street other then perhaps variety.You pay your money(more then street prices) and take your chances.Again recommend research,and as reviews reflect if you have a issue with product/services do not expect any more resolution.And for those in wheelchairs and mobility issues,forget it there are 2 steps at Bank st locale.

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