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First-Time Buyers Text us with your name and location of delivery (note you must be 19+) Let us know what products you would like to order Our driver will give you ETA of arrival Make sure you have cash ready when driver arrives Send us...



How To Order; First review our menu and once you find your desired selection just simply text our number 647-749-1183 with your name, address, and what you would like to order. We will locate the closest driver to you and let you know how...


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    Fresh bud affordable, wick.leafedin

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    First time order last night. Great customer service! Really nice delivery person. Good looking bud, and an ounce for $150 - can't complain! Hopefully they can get better bags sometime, ziplocks have a habit of drying the buds out....

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    I ordered from the for the first time today, I was actually surprised how quick they delivered my medical cannabis to me. I tried the MKU and Grand Daddy Purple, both very nice!!!! tastes clean and helped with my pain right away! I would recommend them over all the other delivery services!

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