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Attention: This business has closed

According to our sources, this business is permanently closed. Portions of this business have been archived for your convenience.

This information is incorrect!


https://www.coasttocoastmedicinals.com?thc=6f4922f45568161a8cdf4ad2299f6d23  has also mail order

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Tyendinaga Territory Marijuana Dispensaries

Tyendinaga Territory Dispensary Reviews

  • Great customer service from patient, knowledgeable staff. Enjoyed our visit!

  • This place is one of the worst dispensary on the reserve there staff can’t get off there phones to answer a question and the last time I went in there I bought a ounce of there top shelf after I got home and smoked a joint I felt SCAMMED can’t believe that is what pass as top shelf in there store and I went there cause last summer I was in there had a great experience the family there was great there bud was good I would not suggest anyone go to sweetgrass a good dispensary is forever greens great/medible great

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