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  • Great staff. ANTONY IS AMAZING.

  • My wife and I decided to stop in here on a Saturday morning when we'd driven to Bandon on a whim, instead of our normal weekend trip to North Bend. Having been bombarded with constant radio ads for Herbal Choices - all about how they have the best selection and best prices in all of the Southern Oregon Coast - we decided to give them a try and see if they lived up to the hype. If you want to skip to the end, the short of it is that no - they do not live up to the hype. They fall so short of the hype as to cross into the realm of hyperbole. For those of you interested in the full story - here it is. Upon approaching the storefront of Herbal Choices, Bandon, the first thing that I noticed was that there was no signage whatsoever to indicate that I was about to enter a cannabis dispensary. There were no signs prohibiting me from consuming cannabis on the premises, nothing telling me that the products inside were for adult use only, not even a sign telling me to have my photo ID ready. Thi

  • Very knowledgeable and very kind I go no where else

  • A good and informative shop. I'll be back

  • bud tender was polite and knew "his stuff". Easy parking.

  • It really saddens me to leave this review, because Stonies used to be my shop of choice, and now they're a drive-on-by kind of place. I'd been going to stonies for about 8 months solid, but their 420 sale signaled problems, apparently. After that, when they sold out of the first run of their Coos Academy product, the quality plummeted and a revolving door of inexperienced budtenders started parading through. The second run of their Cheeze 'n Chase was so poorly cured, that it smelled better two weeks after I bought it and stuck it in my own glass jars. That same purchase date's Black Diesel was full of seeds from a bad hermie. All of the experienced budtenders, who could tell you which strain to go for based on symptoms or diseases are gone and now they seem to just have spaced out (or completely stoned) kids with no experience except to keep pushing the Diesel. I'm hoping the owners of Stonies can pull themselves back from the brink, but it's going to take work, and eating some

  • This is a Great Place Really like the owners, Joe is very nice and helpful. Good selections of products , and Quality at Great prices

  • Excellent people excellent products

    Stonies LLC
  • These guys are no longer in business. The owner slept with a budtender and got her pregnant. Wifey had a problem with that and no longer in business. The owner was rude to the public and his employees. You can't hang in this business when you are an A...hole!

  • great people!yummy meds

    Stonies LLC
  • Awesome Professional Dispensary, Awesome Personal, always the best quality in the area. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful, good prices, and did I mention the staff????? And they appreciate loyal customers!!!!!💚💚💚💚💚

  • Great place and staff good prices and specials great selections always willing to answer any questions for your medical needs

  • My experience here is never less than amazing.

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