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Sorry No Deals for Rec. Sorry No Deals for Rec. 20% Veteran Discount20% Veteran Discount on all purchases from Buddha's Wellness Center LLC.Bring in military ID, or Veteran Admin info Furthest Western Cannabis Dispensary in the Continental US. We...


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    OMG worst dispensary I have ever been in. Buyer beware, arrogant and rude punk budtender. Lousy weed. The poor clones are nute starved ditchweed.

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    The GG#4 (hand) labeled jar said 30%. When the product had little effect I looked at the package 21%. I went back and the jar still said 30%. When I showed the package and asked for a response I was told loudly to leave the store and never come back... NO PROBLEM !!!

    Buddha Wellness Center LLC , YOU ARE BUSTED !

    45 year user, 3 year med patient Arizona, been in dozens of dispensaries in 3 states, I've never seen a lower class operation.

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