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    When the owner is there, Greg, it is a great place to shop, plus they give vets 20% off. His staff can be rude when he is not in. Fridays are best for flower seekers.

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    Shopped here a few times and I loved it! The staff greets everyone, young and old, like a friend. I never felt foolish asking questions and learned a few things. Wonderful place that I would recommend to anyone!

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    I came in here once - and only once - because their online menu said they had C99 and I was missing the ever-present Cinex that's all over WA after moving to SW Oregon. The store is dark, cramped, loud, dirty feeling. While I was there, several people sat out in the front office with the security guard talking all about how much meth and heroine they loved to do. The budtender was completely clueless - not only did he not know which terpenes I could expect to find in C99, he didn't know what a terpene was; the price was crap and so was the product. I will never return.

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    OMG worst dispensary I have ever been in. Buyer beware, arrogant and rude punk budtender. Lousy weed. The poor clones are nute starved ditchweed.

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    The GG#4 (hand) labeled jar said 30%. When the product had little effect I looked at the package 21%. I went back and the jar still said 30%. When I showed the package and asked for a response I was told loudly to leave the store and never come back... NO PROBLEM !!!

    Buddha Wellness Center LLC , YOU ARE BUSTED !

    45 year user, 3 year med patient Arizona, been in dozens of dispensaries in 3 states, I've never seen a lower class operation.

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