Rogue River Weed Delivery Reviews

  • This place is a hub for meth addicts the people there are such jerks they asked me if I wanted to get some chiva (slang for meth) please stop this add. And shut down this place before they hurt some kids. Total druggies this is notbwhat medical cannabis business promote

  • I found these folks to be very secritive and unhelpful. They wouldn't even refer me to a grower, I got my exam from them so I was baffeled. It felt like they were trying to hide something. It made me very uneasy.

  • These guys are assholes. Apparently, whoever answers their phone thinks that disrespecting patients is O.K. I recommend Ashland Alternative Health. P.S. If you don't open 'till ten, then don't answer the fucking phone before ten dumbass; no need to have a fucking dildo in your ass and tell people to fuck off and call back at ten. Thanks for making my day!

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