Dispensary Reviews in Tri-City, OR

  • Great service good prices and knowledgeable

    reviewed 420 Club LLC
  • Amazing!! Can't wait for them to expand to down stairs 😊 very knowledgeable n helpful with everything!

    reviewed 420 Club LLC
  • I have been there three times. I do not understand they would have a dispensary upstairs. Are they really for the disabled? What a climb. Then stand around for 20 minutes waiting for the one person to help me. I understand he was with someone else. After almost 20 minute he should have put them to the side and helped me, obviously he was going to be with the other people for a while yet. The girl that was to be in the front office was down stairs getting high and looking into a van with a dog and B.S.ing with someone. I did not even get to look at anything. Needs to higher more people obviously. Two people can not handle the job. As for rating: F-F-F-

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