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***DANK ALERT NOW HAS EDIBLES *** *** HOME OF THE DANK!! *** Patient  to patient only ,please send AZ medical marijuana card and state issued I.d ,Addres & order to phone number (TEXT to order but calls are ok).PLEASE REALIZE THAT PINPOINT IS NOT...


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Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Phoenix

Frequent questions about marijuana in Phoenix, AZ

  • Can I grow cannabis in Phoenix?

    As long as the residence is farther than 25 miles from a state-licensed dispensary facility, medical patients or licensed caregivers can keep a max. of 12 plants in an "enclosed, locked facility."

  • Who can buy marijuana in Phoenix?

    Only Arizona residents with medical recommendations from an Arizona clinic, or such a persons registered caregiver, can purchase marijuana from a dispensary in Phoenix.

  • Where can I smoke cannabis in Phoenix?

    Consuming in your own home or on private property with permission is typical. There is at least one lounge open to the public where medical patients are allowed to smoke marijuana outdoors, after 6:00 pm. Smoking in public is illegal, but you are allowed to consume edibles, so long as you are not operating a vehicle.

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