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    Was terrible..I'll never go there again. Worst med quality bud I have ever seen or tried. Plus they knew nothing!! I asked a couple questions and they had to call someone each time or had to look it up. Prices are too high . The bud I got I had seeds galore in an eighth I found 9 seeds and there was a black bug on one ..gave me a headache . I am a member at maggies farm and I try the local competition sometimes but another dud place. So disappointed! !

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    Terrible. I've been there 4 times now and each time the experience has worsened. Last time I spent over 300.00 on 3 different varieties, 2 of which were worthless. I go in yesterday and the guy at the front door was totally wasted he asked for my ID which we realized had just expired 3 days earlier on my 50th birthday, he said he couldnt let me in with an expired license which I totally understood. he then said go and get renewed and come back with the renewal and we'll help you. I spent 2.5 hrs in the DMV and guess who was there getting their license renewed also....yep the same door guy. I went back today and a different person at the door greeted me and I gave him all my ID and he said he couldnt accept my paper temporary even though I had 2 other photo IDs with me. Did I tell you I just turned 50. That was the last straw....NEVER going back. BTW.... dropped over to the next place up the road showed them the same IDs and there was ZERO problems.

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    Yep I'm also done with marisols. This plc is a joke! I'm a medical patient with a rare liver disease. When I frist started going to ths place they wer so nice, plesent,helpful, wat I thought was genuine caring staff an owners all turned out to be a big ass let down of feeling used! These ppl can give 2 shits about thr patients. It's all about tht mighty dollar! And to top it off, fr thm being my care takers on my red card wer my mmj doc prescribed 12 plants. And wats evn sadder is Tommy Chong bought in to Marisols. I've given ths place plenty of time to shape up an treat us as thr patients betr. But it nevr happened. I'm done here, sick and tired of given ths place chances time and time again. I'm truly embarrassed to say tht ths place was pueblos first recreational dispensary. I'm outta here! Takn my biz to Todays health care in co, springs. Awsome place!

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