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    overheard the staff say they were gonna leave fake positive review's.

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    This is what happenedI was sitting on there couch waiting to be seen when a fellow customer sits next to me and states that there is a guy outside the building who is a violent sexual offender,the the guy that is sitting on the opposite couch stated how much he hates those types ......i agree with him at this point..........he talks about what he would to him....i still agree then..... he talks about how he used to be a enforcer for gang that would knock on someones door if he had wondering why this guy that is so OUTSPOKEN yet he will not deal with this violent sexual offender who is right outside the building and he even know's the hotel the sexual offender is staying at...........this guy then starts saying how he cant do anything because it would be considering a hate crime (i think he said that because he knew i was starting to question his chracter/motive and i bet he talked about me after i left the room)........the counter girl did not like this and has started to spread rumours,Can someone please explain to her how REDFLAG"S work Pleaseread the rest of the reviews and decide for yourself if you want to try marisol's and if you do,ask for santana whose is the chillest budtender around (i am still a member but that might change if i can sue in a court of law)

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    My favorite place.

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