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Cloud 9 is here to provide the best medications to the best people. Please feel free to come down and check us out.Cloud 9 is operated for patients by patients. All Cloud 9 volunteers are knowledgeable and friendly.

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    so so
    to exspensove

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    I had a very good 1st visit and a very nice. pregnant lady assisted me. I spend
    The only fault I had with Cloud 9 - as a first time buyer, she forgot to give me a "treat" and I thought I would have at least gotten a pre-rolled joint for spending some "serious: money there. But she was a nice person and I'll inquire about it the next time I go there. They have an excellent selection of everything! She also wrote the name of the product in initials and now I'm home and don't recall what she sold me for next time - darn it - partly my fault due to "fog brain" and those super tasty buds and tiniture she sold me.

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    all of my trips too cloud 9 have been great very friendly helpfull staff very cl
    thank's cloud nine for all your help n service cori reynolds

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