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    I just want to say that I felt that my go to shop is your agency. I have been going there for awhile and I have nothing but positive experience with the staff. Then a day came when one staff member treated me less than desirable. This particular staff member appeared to be having a stress related issue and expressed it in our interactions. I ignored the behavior and engaged another employee to conduct my business. Yes, I vented my frustration to the next employee and conducted the business transaction with complete satisfaction. Then I returned to your agency to do business as I have for several months and I was told that I have been banned from engaging in future transactions. So, what I get form this is that we are not allowed to complain about being our experiences with you business without being persecuted. At the end of the day it does not matter because there are so many options available to me to meet my needs. I am just concerned about the way you are doing business and the inability to express my dissatisfaction with a certain situation and circumstance. I have been to your shop many, many times and I have spent a lot of money. Please understand my disappointment in this situation because I really did like how you run a dispensary. I am not mad about the situation, just hurt.

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    Have had nothing but the best service here and very high quality bud. They always have a huge selection on hand and their customer service is the best.

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    I believe this business is one of the better dispensaries in town. The products are of good quality, & the bud tenders are very knowledgeable, friendly, & very helpful. I recommend this dispensary.

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    Cassandra, either you're bullshitting to make RCP look bad or your husband is smoking meth and not telling you.

    I've been coming to River City Phoenix since I got my recommendation two years ago and I have NO bad things to say about them. Always quality meds, staff is always friendly, they've never tried to fuck me over in any way, and they offer much more than just medicine to the community. Before I found River City Phoenix, when I would go to some of the other clubs in the area, I felt sketchy. I felt as if I was still buying my medicine from shady drug dealers. I have NEVER felt that way at RCP, they are very clean and professional. My only complaint is that I have to drive all the way from Roseville to get there.

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    ATTENTION!!! BE aware of what you are buying. The past couple of time smoking medical marijuana from RCP my husband has had panic attacks. Recently after smoking my husband had a very severe panic attack and I had to take him to the hospital. After some testing done results came back that not just marijuana was in his system but METH too. We are honest people who do not and have never mess around with anything other than pot. I have been in pure shock.

    I hate to think that these people are selling marijuana laced with meth to cancer patents, people with neurological problems, pain, ect.

    This is scary, please be careful, just because this is a dispensary you can't always trust businesses who in the end just want to take you money.

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