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35$ 1/8s 65$ 1/4s on our private reserve strains .Best prices in town for top shelf meds .(All INDOOR GROWN). VENDERS WELCOME. Anodized Group has indoor grown meds only , we do not carry outdoor ,greenhouse,ect. DISCOUNT $5 dollars off entire...


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    I guess they forget that some of their customers are medical patients and that is really sad. Thanks for screaming at me and firing me as a customer because I said I was going to leave a bad review for you not honoring your word to “take care of it” when your driver promised me 2 joints instead of just one like he was allowed for missing one from a prior delivery. It’s not about the misunderstanding between you and your driver because it was just a little preroll. It’s about the customer service and that the mistake was on the company side not the customer side. And then for you to rebut that you shouldn’t have even been delivery to me in the first place because I don’t order enough from you each time-was neither relevant to the argue as it’s the same order I have made plenty of times in the past but it’s also super rude to treat customer different because you don’t think they don’t spend enough money. “Fine I will have him deliver the preroll and then we will just part ways” WTF

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    What can I say other then these people know what there talking about when it comes to quality medication at what I believe to be the best price in San Diego. Props to such a good establishment

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