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    Nirvana Wellness Center
    Nirvana wellness Center is a great collective, they are well located. I enjoy going there not only because of the excellent customer service, but also because of the diverse collection of great strands of both buds and concentrates. I am always happy when I leave and can never wait until I'm able to come back. Check it out soon!

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    i would go again
    i had a great time walking in and buy my pain med there warm smiles lifted my mood and i would tell my friends about them

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    5 star meds everytime!
    i love coming to this nirvana.
    i always get top shelf strains that are guaranteed to satisfy every need from a strain.
    i got some purple kush that had me coughing up a lung an im a seasoned smoker.
    whatever you are looking for you can find it here, i always leave here with a smile an a fat sack.
    the sign up process is very fast an easy an all tha staff here is more than knowledgeable an friendly.
    if your in the area stop bye here its worth it.

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