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$40 CAP ON ALL OUR TOP SHELF!!! 8ths as low as $15 donations! Mix and match however you like! 2 GRAM SPECIAL SAVINGS ALL DAY EVERYDAY!! TOP SHELF - 2 GRAMS FOR $25 PRIVATE RESERVE - 2 GRAMS FOR $30 (SPECIALS CANNOT BE...


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    Love this place, the working man's best friend... Very knowledgible staff, curtious, large selection of strains to choose from... My type of place.. I'll refer all my friend's... F.D.J

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    On my 2nd trip here I got the bogo for GDP. I got 7 grams for 35 or 45 I can't remember. 3rd time I go there I want the same everyday deal, still GDP, but got home an saw I spent 45$ for a little over 4 grams. ??? Consistency is key ppl I don't want to go to a business and have to watch over your shoulder. Disappointed cause I liked this place

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