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    One Of My Favorites!
    The BTs are always super nice, the location is easy with plenty of parking with barely any nasty bumps, and they know what's up with what they have in stock. They don't update their strains as often as a patient would like, but they are affordable - especially when their medicine is of high caliber.

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    Very Satisfied! :)
    Ok so this is one of my favorite places to get meds. I have been to a few dispensaries and this place has the friendliest staff!! Not to mention how clean the place is. The bud tender is super knowledgeable answers all my questions with out any hesitation at all. I usually go once or twice a week. I really do recommend checking this place out if you're in the area. They also have the best specials. I will also be hitting up their New Years Special.

    Some of my fave strains has to be Purple Mr Nice mm tasty I also like LA Con it has a great flavor to..But the BEST hands down is their Rascal OG omg talk about a heavy high I was really impressed with that strand and Im for sure going to get some more. Im more of an Indica person but I did try some Sativa and really liked Blue Dream. Im a experimental type person too so I decided to try Rascal OG and Blue Dream in a bowl and OMG it was the best tasting bowl ever!

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    over the edge
    Went for some platinum bd and boy was that a trip! Kept me numb for a good 4 hours or more. Loved the staff. They could do something about the place (the general look is too simple) but that's not important :)!

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