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    My old home... NEW again
    A long time ago my first dispensary was gongreen. Granted the location was inside a three story building and lots of eyes were always on you but that was my home. A few months went by and I stopped at my favorite dispensary only to find a moved sign :(

    After wondering around a few sites I was finally able to find you guys again. So surprised! Walked in and was instantly happy with the space and how things are. Felt like home but no one remembered me :) In due time.

    The nuggs are very strong and flavorful. Good prices from what I remember, don't go to too many locations and try to keep it personal... No more moving and you'll be a keeper :)

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    Go here all the time can't find a menu
    I always find what I want here but it's getting irritating that I can't look at what they have beforehand. You state, "THE STANDARD HAS BEEN SET FOR ALL COLLECTIVES TO FOLLOW..." yet you don't list your menu like EVERYONE ELSE. I've called a few times but I dont' really like over the phone conversations about what they have in stock... Makes me feel uncomfortable. I find myself straying to other dispensaries that show me what they have in stock, I like knowing i'll be able to pick up some OG or some Herer if I can.

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    Always a pleasure
    Been here at least 3 times so far. These guys treat me right. Whenever I need some flowers GoNGreen is there for me. Always nice to see some friendly faces that will help you out in a time of need.

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