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Hours : 10:00am-12:00AM 7 days a week! ALL medication is Lab tested for THC CBD THCA CBDA and CBN by SC Labs  ATM inside!!! We are a collective in Santa Ana with OG's, indicas, Sativa's  Budget Buds!...


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    Awesome picks of strains and pretty chill people. The prices are pretty damn good for the dank they have in store.

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    Been to atleast a dozen or more places around Santa Ana with a selection of atlest 50 - 60 places that I know of. These guys carry some of the strongest strains I have had the opportunity to try out. They have great customer service and a good location and safe shop.

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    The Champagne was a great im going back for more
    Mr. Nice was vry smooth and purple could have been trimmed a little better but still awesome
    the Phantom Farms og was frosty and tasty
    Thank you to the helpful staff

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