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    I'm in Pioneer, it's a little bit of a drive, but worth it. I had bought some clones a while back and 1 went south over night. Called them up and they replaced it no problem.

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    Forgotten Knowledge in Valley Springs
    Three leaves on Location, that's for all of you that don't live in Calaveras (I live right here in valley sprngs lol). Four stars for the bud quality, only because there seems to be a majority of outdoor. makes sense tho, so many outdoor growers up here. And the quality of their indoor makes up for it. They introduced me to Jack Herrer, which was AMAZING. i've tried JH from other dispensaries since- it did not compare, hope they keep that stocked. Fives the rest of the way down, the guys working there are all really cool too and know their stuff sometimes i'm in there for an hour just talking with em haha.

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    Finally a collective in Calaveras
    great meds, great service, great parking!

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