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Where's Weed

$250.00 Connoisseur Flower MIX and MATCH

Your Choice of 2 DIFFERENT 1/2 ounces listed below to make a "Mix & Match" Oz for $250 (no 2 strains alike) ITEMS WILL BECOME AVAILABLE WEEK OF 6/14 HOW TO CLAIM THIS DEAL: 1. Claim the deal(it has to be in your cart!). Deal will be EMAILED -selext email deal to me, please click that link so coupon becomes visible in your cart. 2. Select individual 1/2 strains 3. Submit Order. 4. Price Will be adjusted once order is confirmed *If you have any questions please contact Dispatch.* -Golden Nugget -Chem Dawg -Rude Boi -Golden Goat -Durban Poison -Platinum Reserve -Purpertrator -Cherry Chem -Afgooey -Missing Link

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