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$200.00 MOTA Edibles Stoner Package

Bagged Buds decided to approve an edible package for ya! Our edible package incudes 7 individual MOTA edible goodies that are sure to keep calm at these crazy times. MOTA has some of the strongest edibles. WHAT YOU GET - 100MG MOTA Rick & Morty Gummy (2) - 100MG MOTA Lollipop (1) - 200MG MOTA Hard Candies (1) - 200MG MOTA Distilled Jelies (1) - 400MG MOTA Nerd Rope (1) - 400MG MOTA Stoney Patches (1) **Picture Below is Missing (2) Items: - 200MG MOTA Hard Candies - 200MG MOTA Distilled Gummies Can't find what you're looking for? Ask us if we have any new inventory. Call or Text: 202-505-7619 And as always if you provide a screenshot of your review from one of these platforms: wheresweed.com, yelp.com, or allbud.com you get a free pre roll.

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