Bagged Buds

Bagged Buds

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6/19/2020 - 7:02PM

The designer strains are most definitely some of the best in DC. Great communication and incredible service. If you want your order on time; look no further. I've had a set time with a fair number of other companies and they've rarely shown up on time or with a 100% accurate order. These guys did! Will be back!

9/15/2020 - 4:26PM

I use these guys every time I am in DC visiting family. They have been great with on time delivery and I have never had a late delivery. Drivers have been very friendly and patient, especially in the beginning as I got used to the whole process. Product is very good and I really liked the Venom OG flower. It had a great flavor profile and a very nice, relaxing, long lasting effect. I'm ordering some SFV OG today to get me through another week of pandemic blues along with some white widow. Both of which are great strains to try if you suffer chronic pain.

3/27/2020 - 7:27PM

Bagged Buds is hands down the best weed service in DC. Their flower, edibles, and concentrates would be considered top-of-the-line in any market, and I say that as someone who has been to dozens of dispensaries from Colorado to Massachusetts, and has been smoking high-grade pot daily for 20 years. Most pot really doesn't do anything for me at this point, but every single strain I have bought from bagged buds has left me satisfied after one bowl - two at the max. Their service is also top of the line. I'm a pickup customer, and I've hardly ever had to wait more than 5 minutes for them to arrive at the designated place and time. Sometimes they are there before me. They are friendly and knowledegable, and they will go out of their way to make sure you have the information you need to make the right buying decisions. They have been able to recommend a few strains to me that have become some of my favorites. There aren't many businesses run this well in any industry, and I say this as a business owner myself. So make your life easier by ordering your stuff from Bagged Buds, and remember to tip your delivery person.

11/8/2020 - 10:42AM

I can't speak highly enough about these guys!! As a medical user, I'm also a regular customer. I don't even look at other deals anymore. I know that Bagged Buds will gift me exactly what I was expecting (though sometimes the stick is heavier than I'd expect from the designer strains). There's never a miss in the order and their timeliness is exceptional! Even at a time like yesterday (7 nov), the order showed up with nothing more than a reasonable delay (I expected it to he longer, as traffic was more insane than usual). I was beyond impressed! Don't look elsewhere, if you don't wanna gamble with your product. Do like I; I made these guys my "best bagged buddies". ❤

11/7/2020 - 7:37PM

Good customer service. Messed up my order initially but then took care of me. Great quality carts and pre rolls. Timely delivery. Thanks guys :)

4/5/2021 - 10:26AM

I have been ordering from them since November. They are knowledgeable. I have never had to wait long for a driver. There have been times when I was running late to meet the driver, they were extremely patient and understanding. I ordered on Valentine’s Day and they stayed late to wait for me. Their prices are a little higher then some other places. But it’s worth it for quality.

Juanita Matthews
4/2/2021 - 12:11PM

Quick fast and painless. Visited this place twice. Received fast and friendly service both times . Highly recommend checking out their Moonrocks.!

4/2/2021 - 5:58AM

Always a great experience

3/27/2021 - 10:26AM

Very helpful, and patient with describing and explaining products, super friendly, and knowledge staff. On time just like they said, and super packaging, and great products. Huge selection, I highly recommend Bagged Buds fir your donation station. They do not disappoint. Definitely my go to when I’m in town.

3/18/2021 - 4:34PM

Win, win, win! All you do is win with this company. Win with price. Win with quality. Win with customer service. Get whatever you need for the whole squad right here. You won’t be disappointed!