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Where's Weed
Where's Weed

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SPEND $140+STICKER and get a FREE 1/8 OR a FREE DELIVERY ON US! When you spend $140 Donation in products before the delivery fee you will get to choose a free 1/8 or free delivery!! We know you enjoy quality weed! Text to be grandfathered in for life at our discounted deal prices. Punctuality and Quality is our guarantee! Free Stuff DC! RECOMMENDATIONS LIST FOR THE FREE STUFF: 1. Pink Candy 2. Candyland 3. Forbidden Fruit 4. Kush Mints 5. Super Glue 6. Blue Dream 7. Grand Daddy Purple 8. Ghost OG 9. Haze Berry 10. Phantom Cookies HURRY UP LIMITED TIME OFFER!! This deal can not be combined with other deals or discounts. TEXT NOW : 202-656-8676

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