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First Time Patients

As a token of appreciation we are giving a Free Edible with your first order. Thank you.


We started district fire a few years back to provide top quality products & gifts to people in the DC area. We take pride in our work. We back up our quality through enhance testing and don't gift anything to anyone which hasn't been tried by our...


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    Ordered multiple from whereweed.com, always felt as if I was getting ripped off, tried District Fire for the first time and they did not disappoint! They have the best flower hands down and really affordable prices! No doubt about that! Will order from these guys again!

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    These guys are the legit deal! The guy took his time to answer all my questions and cleared my doubts before taking my order! My order got delivered in 30 mins! Had a half of an edible, I m already stoned!

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    5 fucking stars! Flower is perfection, zero to little trim, no wait time, price was okay but for the quality just WOW love y’all <3

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