About this Marijuana Delivery Service

Cannabis is good for the happinnes of the world! Hi-lifeDC is a washington dc based cannabis information provider, hand lender to empower people in legal cannabis markets, to learn about the right products for their lifestyle and wellness needs, and has a platform that aids to find products safely and efficiently, and provide for different groups of clients.Owned by Privateer Holdings who once been part of world class successful cannabis brands, Hi-lifedc was founded in 2017 as a team to learn about the thousands of cannabis strains available to medical marijuana patients. Since then, the DC based company has developed into an all-encompassing destination for medical marijuana patients, adult recreational consumers, advanced cannabis enthusiasts, and curious newcomers to cannabis, educating all types of consumers  through different platforms on which products are right for them and provide them to the products of exactly what they’re looking for. And now, hi-lifedc is part of the whersweed app and making the company easily accessible for customers need.

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