$175 1/2 oz Top Shelf & 2 Full G Cartridges

$175 1/2 oz Top Shelf & 2 Full G Cartridges
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+++++++++++ HYFE REWARDS +++++++++++

To all our HYFE supporters, we have some exciting news! After 3 months of hard work, we would like to introduce to you Hyfe Rewards! At the beginning of this journey, we never imagined we'd be led into learning a whole new trade, but when our team came up with this idea, we made this a top priority. It was a steep learning curve for us simple farmers so it took longer than expected, but no amount of hate hurled at us will keep us from hitting our goals. Over the next few months, Hyfe worked day in and day out to bring this plan into fruition. Appreciation to our donors is well worth the exchange for sleepless nights! After many many migraines and about 2 bottles of Tylenol ...

We present to you HYFE REWARDS: a one of a kind rewards system that gives back based on loyalty. As a member, your donations will be converted into points that can be spent on our Rewards menu. We are inviting a manageable group of individuals to help make sure that everything works. We based this initial round of invitations on the length and consistency of history that you have with us. The first round of invitations have been sent out on Friday, October 18th via text using a new number that has been set up just for the rewards program, and we will slowly continue to expand our invitations throughout this soft launch/beta period. This is only to minimize the numerous potential problems that may occur with launching such a massive program, so please stay patient with us. Once we feel confident that we've polished the details, we will open up an enrollment system! For those who have never been with us, please keep in mind that in order to be eligible to join, you must have visited us at least 3 times in the past. We are currently accepting requests for invitation, and if you feel you should have received one then please reach out to us and we will admit on a case-by-case basis.

On behalf of the HYFE team, we truly want to say thank you!

Disclosure: During this beta phase we will continue to make changes as we see fit. The Rewards and Point system are always subject to change at any time.


*** We have brought back our deal! All 'Top Shelf' menu items qualify! ***
$175 for 1/2 oz + 2 G carts, or
$175 for 1/2 oz + 1 G STIIIZY pod

============= DEAL DETAILS ==============
== * Choose 1 half oz of any 'Top Shelf' items ===
== * Choose any 2 full gram cartridges listed ====
== * Additional carts $40 per without limit ===
== Upgrades are available as indicated below ===

Top Shelf:
* Sunset Sherbet
* South Fork Kush
* Platinum OG
* Thin Mint GSC
* Fire OG
* Jetlato
* True OG
+$25 PREMIUM - Papa OG
+$25 PREMIUM - Jedi OG
+$30 PREMIUM - Lime Sorbet
+$30 PREMIUM - Bakers Delight
+$40 PREMIUM - Anniversary Cake
+$45 EXOTIC - Zkittlez
+$45 EXOTIC - Wedding Cake
+$45 EXOTIC - Mimosa
+$55 EXOTIC - Topanga Canyon
+$55 EXOTIC - Apple Fritter
+$55 EXOTIC - Ice Cream Cake
+$70 AAAA - Sundae Driver
+$70 AAAA - Zookies
+$80 AAAA - Cereal Milk
+$90 AAAA - Authentic Wedding Pie
+$90 AAAA - Authentic Jungle Cake
+$90 AAAA - Authentic Cake Batter

Please check menu for cart availability.


* Look out for new blog posts coming soon on how to choose a delivery service and how to examine your buds!
* Many people have asked us to open earlier, so we regularly open at 9AM sharp now! (Except Sunday and Monday)
* Our average wait time has crept back up to ~2 hours. We hear your concerns and are working diligently to cut that back down to under 1.5. We strive for perfection when it comes to meeting our scheduled appointments so please consider confirming an appointment ahead of time. Confirmation always goes through dispatch - not WW!
* Don't be fooled by copycat services! Our quality and rates are UNMATCHED, our structure and system are BEST PRACTICES, and your safety and security are BEST KEPT with us. Encryption only begins to detail the magnitude with which we respect and guard your personal privacy.
* We now scale EVERYTHING at between .07-.10 gram OVER! We also now calibrate our scales ONCE A WEEK! The moment a scale has a discrepancy of over .05 gram we immediately throw it away.
* Our delivery times have been cut in half! If you're used to waiting up to 2-3 hours or more, please be advised - that should no longer be the case!

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