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Where's Weed user
11/28/2020 - 2:30PM

this is my third review of HYFE and their all 5 stars. Every single tier has fire in it. from A to AAAA+....If you have a high tolerance i would stay within the AAA - AAAA+ range....if youre looking for something strong but not tooo strong i would go with A or AA....If youre old skool, like the cheap stuff, or just want some good deals my advice is to look at the deals menu (lol) or go with the A menu or the B Economy Menu....their Concentrates are all FIRE as well and they have the most diverse selection in DC ive ever seen, if any concentrate is ever sub par they will tell you and lower the price or just take it off the menu. All of their Edibles are strong as well and WORK! so be sure to approach with the usual edible caution, its gonna kick it just be patient lol....If youre looking for a place thats gonna look out for you and care about the quality and authenticity of each and every item they offer, this is the place to go with. A place where you never have to worry about leaving unhappy because even if something goes wrong, their customer service is the absolute best and will work something out for you. They really want to help and dont want you leaving with a Frown and Clear Eyes...They want you to leave in Euphoria with the Crimson Vision of positivity 🥰😍🤩

Where's Weed user
11/5/2020 - 9:34PM

I've used several services throughout the years, but the easiest, highest quality experience rests here. The product, easy to order through the website and with great pictures, is phenomenal. Even if I found cheaper bud in DC this would be my first choice because it has the best bud anywhere! And the delivery staff is consistently friendly and on time. 5 stars for sure, do yourself a favor and try them out!

Where's Weed user
12/5/2020 - 11:46AM

Picked up some flower and sauce darts yesterday that, as usual are killer, but that's not what this review is about. After getting myself turned around a bit (Indiana Ave. wasn't on my map), the driver and dispatcher were SUPER patient and accommodating, as usual. Be cool to and tip your driver ! Back to product....the sauce Zookie dart tastes and feels GREAT and the Blueberry Cruffin is the goods. BELIEVE THE HYFE !!

Where's Weed user
12/21/2020 - 1:48PM

Wow ... just wow. I've shopped in over 30 locations and I finally found the perfect spot . Bud just as advertised . Prices really are a steal. And if you read the info scripts they are extremely accurate . Best shop with the highest level of integrity and compassion for the consumers . Will provide further in depth review on each strain purchased for future onlookers

Where's Weed user
1/10/2021 - 8:49AM

Hyfe is SUPREME. Been donating since 4/2018 and am always beyond satisfied. Customer service tops even Amazon. Have never had a problem, items missing, rudeness, unclear communication, lack of discreetness, absolutely nothing negative ever with this group of people. To put it blunt, they make me feel like a special individual every time. All grades of flower are fire. AAA, AAAA and AAAA+ is def worth it as well. Same stuff other places gift for 600 an oz. The smell, the taste, the cure... once you try it, you'll get it. Single A is even fire if you're on a budget, don't get me wrong. Just can't expect the same level of primp trim, terps and colors and picture pretty buds, but it will never disappoint at all. Still really good. Am also surprised at how fire some of the A and AA buds wind up being. AA Purple Punch looked like AAAA. Edibles are all def legit, tried a few diff ones and mg are on point but I super recommend Hyfe brownies! Omg you can def tell they aren't just distillate. Even a half one hits you insane hard. Concentrates are all legit and on point af. I've sampled pretty much all levels and the diamonds are insane. Def recommend a vape or rig for those. Like one little tiny inhale can have you done in Even when the cheap shatter was available, it was phenomenal. The new jam is unbelievable. Terp content is off the chain. To take it to the next level, I recommend mixing diamonds with the jam 1:1, reminds me of crystallized honey. If you don't have rig or vape, I would not recommend diamonds but jam or shatter is pretty good on OUTSIDE of wrap. Inside does not vape it as well. Hold the roll cherry side down on inhale, it'll drip down to cherry and woohoo. Also gotta shout out the reward system. Been first round member but just recently redeemed and was helped with positivity using points and basically asked for random assortment instead of just picking highest priced items within tier and seeming greedy but was actually given the highest priced items by their selection! Insane flowers. I also live out of District but frequently stay within DC and I just can't say how much I appreciate how Hyfe accommodates me and goes out of their way for me. Also if anyone thinks this is a shill, look through my reviews. Hyfe isn't my first 71 but will be only one I continue donating with.

Where's Weed user verified user
9/24/2021 - 8:04AM

Quality product & prices as well as great customer service! The menu has a full variety of options. Love!

Where's Weed user verified user
9/17/2021 - 7:07PM

OMG ... 😲 I am beyond happy with their aaaa tier! And the jam was jammy jam jam jam good. I've been soooooo disappointed lately with everyone passing sub quality and pretty much gave up. I'm so glad I decided to try one more . I wish this site let you add pics !

Where's Weed user verified user
9/15/2021 - 5:45PM

So the driver/check out clerk messed up the delivery address after taking 2 hours to respond for the order. Very displeased with the speediness, communication, and overall level of service provided. Was looking forward to trying their stuff, but time to shop elsewhere. Will not return.

Verified Purchase
Where's Weed user verified user
9/12/2021 - 12:50AM

I have been using this website for a few months now I've been bait and switch and just all around sold very bad weed I didn't notice this one was on this website cuz it was all the way to close to the bottom for some reason when they have the best weed in the city the pink grapefruit is amazing and the gelato from the AAAA Plus is was beyond my expectations thank you for being on here and shiting on everyone else the price is a little high but you get what you pay for.

Where's Weed user verified user
9/7/2021 - 9:19AM

Finally found my go to after shopping around at multiple different locations in DC. None of the others compare to HYFE. Everything about my experience with them was top notch, would definitely recommend using them.