About this Marijuana Delivery Service

Hello and welcome to Moonlight District, an I-71 compliant, women-owned, wellness-focused cooperative.

If you’d like to place your order online, please send us a selfie of you holding a govt-issued ID and follow this link to place your order: https://wheresweed.com/washington-dc/marijuana-delivery/moonlight-district-dc/menu

Notes: Please make sure you are NOT using the app and that you are logged into WW. Please also note - donations are cash only and no medical card is necessary, as we are an adult-use delivery service. We’ll send you a text confirmation once your order is processed!

For Text Orders we would need the following information:

1. A selfie of you holding a govt-issued ID

2. Name

3. Delivery address

4. Delivery time (assuming it’s not ASAP)

5. Your order

Thanks again for choosing Moonlight District; Light & Love!

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