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ALL inquiries require online processing AND a picture of YOU holding YOUR photo ID to verify we are Initiative71 Compliant and to know whom our driver is delivering to.  We are a delivery service; We DO have a $15...


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    These guys are the best in the city! Quality, price, and delivery speed is all top notch. I see a bunch of people on here whining about the delivery fee, I’d say 80% of the companies on wheresweed charge a fee but you don’t get a preroll with it and you wait for a solid hour past what they tell you. A71 has never made me wait for more then 15 minutes longer then the estimated time. So I’d pay $15 not to wait for 2 plus hours like some of these other delivery services

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    The quality of bud is decent but the prices are too high still . The drivers are great but dispatch was rude on several occasions. One woman in particular. Also the new so called delivery system is very inconvenient. they charge for delivery but you’re making customers pick up at your pre determined location and time . That’s not delivery and you shouldn’t be charging . We know it’s due to Covid etc etc but Why does the customer get the short end of the stick in that regard. And have been late to their meetup several times, a few with no notice .

    Business reply:

    We apologies you feel as though your experience wasn’t up to standard but let us provide with a play by play to provide transparency if it wasn’t already made clear with our guidelines and protocols On our menu. Not only because of co-vid but due to protesting like Juneteenth.. today’s time there are over 15 road blocks that will be hindering deliveries. Since phase one opened back up we’ve scheduled regular broadcasting deliveries and remained open to window deliveries for family that wants to receive their order sooner. We still deliver to address if we are to drive to them depending On millions of other variables that our outside of our control as much as we’d love to weather them for clients such as yourself. Second we have a delivery for every square inch a driver has to cover for an insurance policy for our drivers. When you own a business such as this and you have to look after your staff like baby chickens due to guns being pulled on them, robberies and bring hit in the head. The mere 15 dollar fee has covered hospital bills and car damages due to thievery and foolishness. To all our family that takes care of our drivers we appreciate you, our system isn’t in tact due to legislation so we aren’t protected by anything and DC was the murder capital for quite some time.. gentrified or not so we appreciate the feedback but these are all security measures that will not be changed unless offered a solution or remedy to absolve the worries we have to deal with to help the community. Third the market is crumbled right now, as we study the market trends and their is a cannabis shortage worldwide. Our menu is scaled the most competitively for every consumer for every item. We’ve actually never had one complaint about price point and if there was we have a full exchange policy for that very reason. We will credit your account solely because we want your experience to be nothing but great but our procedures to the unknowing might make zero since there’s a exact human reason for the season for why we handle things in this manor. Thank you and every future and past family member for taking the time to read this. We are here solely to educate be for anything. Best wishes and we look forward to hearing you, Vince.

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    97% positive rating with over 650+ review's says it all. After a couple years of searching for the right place, I've found it. 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

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